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Welcome on the website. This website tells you everything about online gin rummy. Gin Rummy is getting more and more populair and the game is well known all over the world. Since the start of poker a few year ago, players are looking for a alternative for playing games online for money where you need your skills for. Online gin rummy is one off these games and is growing faster than ever. Get your skills together and play online gin rummy for money of just for fun against other players.

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Playing gin rummy online is good fun and you can make a lot of money out of it. Because online gin rummy is a skill game you need skills to play and win the game. You have to practice and play a lot off games to get better and be a better player than you opponent.

The history of gin rummy go's back quitte a while and it all started off in the early 1800's when the game was played as Whiskey poker a variant off the game poker. In the later years the rules and the game changed to the gin rummy game as we know it right now. The rules are set by Elwood Baker in the beginning of the 20th century and gin rummy is still being played by his rules.

Why play online gin rummy?

Wy should you play gin rummy online? Because playing gin rummy online is fast, simple, easy and you get a lot off competition. You really need to work on your online gin rummy skills and have to work on getting a better player than the others. Online gin rummy is not a game of luck, you should be a fool if you play the game on luck, no you need to have your head straight and make up your mind. The best thing of playing online gin rummy is the possibility to play onlien gin rummy for real money and make a lot of money out of it.

Just pick one of the online gin rummy rooms we promote on this site,play for fun or real money and have a good time with your favorite game online.

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